Web Design

Web design is important for many reasons, especially when business is involved. When you are running a business, your company website site needs to be updated at least once every month. Your customers need to see a change. If your website never changes, there’s a good chance your customers will assume there is no change within your business. Customers want to see monthly deals or specials and new features within your business. If you want your business to remain successful, you need to take your company’s website into consideration.

Custom Website Design

A business needs a custom web design to stand apart from their competition. The more unique your business design is, the better chance you have of standing out in customer’s minds. Your design needs to be clean, clear and creative. The design needs to match your business. You wouldn’t have a restaurant themed website if you offer construction services. Everything about a business website must flow by being organized. If you have pictures everywhere on the site, your customers can become confused and annoyed by trying to find what they need when they aren’t able to. Navigation is an important feature of any website, especially a business website. The business websites we create have at least 5 pages. A website with this many pages needs to have clear navigation by using a navigation bar that lists the page names. The site’s navigation options should be easy to find and use. Customers need to be able to browse your site and easily find the information they need. If you have a logo, it needs to be present on your website. The colors of your business cards should match the website.

Graphic Design

Your website needs to look as professional as possible. Our graphic design services are ideal for grasping customers attentions and providing a professional appearance. Graphics make more of a difference than you think. Customers want to be wowed. One of the wow factors of a website are the graphics. You need graphics that are of high quality and clear. There is nothing worse than graphics that are not up to par with the rest of your website. Graphics on a website are like decorations in a home or restaurant. You want your customers to feel comfortable and welcome why they are browsing your site.

Responsive Design

Responsive design is essential for the function of your website. Responsive design is the way the website responds to viewing preferences, including being viewed on a tablet, cell phone or PC. You want to make sure your customers can view the entire website without any problems, such as half of the website being cut off because it does not feature responsive design. Your site needs to be able to conform to any viewing preference without any problems.


As the saying goes, “Content is king.” Content is not only a part of web design, but a great marketing tool. Every website needs content. Content is the key to being found on search engines, including Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Pictures boost a website on search engines, but your website wouldn’t be able to be found solely on pictures. Content can be optimized to rank highly on search engines. This content process is called SEO (Search Engine Optimization). At Wavelength-Web Design, we have expert copywriters who are ready to give you the number one spot on all search engines. People who browse the internet often click on the first 5 search engine results. In order to generate more traffic to your site and gain more customers, your site needs to be optimized for search engines.