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Promotional Marketing Items

Wavelength-Web Design offers many promotional possibilities and in this article we would provide you a little more information about this type of service we provide. A lot of our clients are using promotional products and items for big events or conferences. Most of our clients are operating in the online casino industry and would like to bring some branded products as a way of offline marketing. There are many different products that Wavelength-Web Design can brand for businesses which can range from small to very big projects. We are interested in any kind of promotional project, since every request is different from one another.

A lot of online casinos choose to bring promotional items to conferences and events. The amount of visitors can be very high in just a few days and that means that the projects can be very big as well. We have printed a lot of items for Roulette Online and we can proudly say they are our biggest clients so far.

Why would a business use promotional items? Just think about items such as pen’s for example. It is a free way of marketing and people will get to know your company at the same time. While writing something down with a promotional pen, people will always recognise the company when see the brand again. For example; we have printed the pen’s for Roulette Online and now a lot of people are recognising this online casino. This result can also be reached by the use of promotional items such as hats, bags and even power banks. The limits are endless and Wavelength-Web Design will never take no for an answer, this is why we see the projects as big challenges. Just think about the many options we have; t-shirts, mouse pads, cups, lighters and stickers. For every client we have another and unique solution!

We do not only are providing promotional items, we also print our promotional items! Wavelength-Web Design is all about innovativity and technology and that is why we have introduced our 3D printwork. This technique is what making Wavelength-Web Design so different from other printers in the city: we are aware of all the printing trends. It is now possible that our clients can choose their own entire design and let our drawers make the 2D and 3D design in our digital sketching program. After this process, we can transfer the file into the system of our 3D printer. It will only take one day to create the design of your dreams, depending on the size of your promotional item.

Would you like to create your corporate logo in to a real life 3D design? Or would you like to see something you have never seen before? Now it is possible thanks to our new printing service. Not only is it possible to let us do the drawing, you can also choose to draw it yourself. If you are an experienced designer, you can just easily send your file to our company. We will make sure the file will be transferred to the program. You can choose between many textures, sizes and even colours, what makes it even more interesting. Would you like to know more about the prizes? Please get in touch with our printing team in order to receive your quotation!